#CloserWithSkype: Kodaline Acoustic Exclusive

Kodaline have had a great working relationship with Skype since being chosen as one of their Ones To Watch for 2015. Back in December I shared a post including the exclusive content recorded for Kodaline’s Ones To Watch announcement which including a behind the scene video, interview and a snippet of their then new single ‘Honest’.

Now the guys are back working with Skype by letting them and a select number of bloggers have a 24 hour exclusive to this acoustic version of their single ‘One Night Only’. You can check out the video for it below:

It is a great video filmed on tour with the band and shows them not only filming it for you guys but skyping some of their lucky fans and performing it for them too in a very exclusive performance. It’s a great track and showcases exactly why this band were chosen for Skype’s Ones To Watch this year as they really are a wonderful band.

To find out more about the Ones To Watch cmapign follow the #CloserWithSkype hashtag on Twitter and follow @OnesToWatch You can also visit the Ones To Watch website or add Ones_To_Watch on Skype for more exclusive content.


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