Countryside & Catch Up’s

 photo SAM_0185_zps2sllqq2x.jpg
View from our cottage

 photo SAM_0180_zps3bnh7etf.jpg

 photo SAM_0187_zps0lsaoyu6.jpg

After a busy couple of weeks, it has been nice this week to be home and get back on with the mountain of things I need to do whether it is work or home based. I’ve been away recently spending a few days in a cottage in North Yorkshire, in a place called Sutton-under-Whitestonecliffe just outside of Thirsk, with my boyfriend and it was a nice little trip away and well needed for both of us I think. It was our Valentine’s treat as we didn’t really know what to buy each other so instead planned this through a Living Social deal. The couple of days in the countryside was nice and relaxing with plenty of walking around forests, picnics, country pubs and evenings playing Scrabble, very middle aged couple well before our time.

 photo SAM_0195_zpsyacemrht.jpg
Dalby Forest

 photo SAM_0192_zpsx2c9tdlu.jpg
Dalby Forest

 photo SAM_0202_zpsl9k0nto2.jpg
View for our picnic in Dalby Forest

The day after I got back I headed out to my friend’s house for a board game night and just a lovely evening chatting with friends and eating way too many vegetables and houmous. I sometimes feel like I don’t get to see my friends enough as we all move further into our twenties and our lives are progressing, taking different paths with different priorities to what we had as teenagers. So it is nights like this that I really love, an impromptu get together with food, chatter, wine and the people I care about. It is amazing how the simple things become much more appreciated the older you get.

 photo SAM_0207_zpskyifqmdb.jpg
Dalby Forest

 photo SAM_0213_zps6dorrygr.jpg
Dalby Forest

 photo SAM_0214_zpsoarticpc.jpg
Dalby Forest

Currently my life is a sea of to-do lists, after moving my bedroom around and building furniture I’m now tackling decorating, gardening, tidying and more. With so much to do the blog may not be updated as regularly as it has been, I’m still working every day on posts but I’m trying to catch up with the small amount of time which can be hard and means that sometimes a post has got to give and may not be live. I’m also working on some minor changes to posts and scheduling so they will be a work in progress for the rest of this month and I hope to have the first show of changes up within the next week but by June at least.

 photo SAM_0229_zpsprpohpdb.jpg
Sutton Bank

 photo SAM_0235_zpss8u48dpm.jpg
Sutton Bank

 photo SAM_0245_zps0g0tc79b.jpg
Sutton Bank

I thought it would be nice to do a little catch up post today as I don’t really ever get to do them and it makes a nice change to be chatty instead of reviewing or the like. How has your May been so far?


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