Album Review: Callaghan – A History of Now

A History of Now
Release Date: 12th April 2015

British born singer/songwriter Callaghan has spent the past four years enjoying great success in the States and the last 2 years writing the follow up to her critically acclaimed debut ‘Life In Full Colour’. This new album sees a shift in sound and growth in her music and the production of it, here you’ll find rock, pop, country and folk sounds blended perfectly together. With great reviews already coming in for this it is clear to see that this is going to be another success for her.

It is an upbeat start to opening track from ‘Crazy Beautiful Life’ with high pitched notes, a great swaying melody and a happy atmosphere from whistling sounds and guitar lines. The vocals are brilliant, full of harmony and with all the ease of a song that is a lovely and pleasant one lyrically.

A calmer, flowing sound greets us on ‘Who Would I Be’ where quietly strummed guitar backs up the soulful, full of emotion voice perfectly. The country feel is mixed with the grandeur of a pop song chorus through huge drums beats and epic guitar lines. This really will become a future ballad, especially live, with its sheer beauty.

An acoustic guitar carries us through ‘Noah’s Song’, a folk meets country inspired number, with tinkling sounds of ivories and the French beauty of the accordion. Another ballad-esque track comes in the form of ‘I’ll Take You Away’ whose piano lines full of emotion backup soft vocals which carry plenty of harmonies. It is a stunning song that will instantly become the soundtrack to so many people’s memorable moments.

The tempo rises with the heartwarming full of hope and happiness track ‘Best Year 2015’ from its jumpy guitar strums, rhythmical drum beats, high pitched piano notes and vocals that switch from melodic to soaring, this really is a brilliant track. While dramatic piano and vocals that match the harshness of the piano playing but also the calmness of the silence open up ‘Lost’. A beautiful song so sparse it showcases the vulnerability of Callaghan really making you feel that she is lost like the title suggests.

The second half of the album brings with it plenty of ballad-esque songs from the soft and fragile vocals that rise and fall to the ebb and flow of the piano on the stunning ‘When You Loved Me’ to beautifully delivered ‘Parachute’ with its soaring vocals and musical build up’s that culminate in cymbal crescendos. Also, we have ‘Green Eyes’ with its tinkling piano and wobbling atmospherics that bring us into proceedings before soft vocals are added sitting perfectly over that piano melody. As that flowing piano and dramatic vocal build up’s are placed alongside country laced guitar and the steady rhythm of the drum, you truly see how beautiful this one is.

Meanwhile, ‘Free To Be’ is a more upbeat number with jazzy guitar notes that jump around the song punctuated by horns, cymbal crashes and happier, harmonious vocals making this a real feel good track bound to put a smile on your face. While ‘Last Song’ is another beautifully delivered track with a flowing piano line while rock tinged drums and acoustic strums pick up the pace of this giving it a more uptempo feel.

Last track ‘We Don’t Have To Change The World’ has a laid back feel to it that will put a smile on your face as you find yourself swaying along to the music. It is another feel good track, something Callaghan is very good at producing. This is a great one to end on as the quick guitar chords, great rhythm and infectious melodies make the listener want to come back for more, listening to this impressive collection of tracks over and over.

Check out the video ‘Best Year 2015’ taken from the album below:

To find out more about Callaghan visit her website, her Facebook page or you can follow her on Twitter – @callaghanmusic


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