new music: Blood Youth

Today, I bring you some new music from Lincoln metallers Blood Youth who are currently gearing up for their debut EP release on June 22nd. For now though you can check out their brand new single ‘Cold Sweat’ below:

The above track is a true hardcore metal track which is unrelenting in its assault on your ears. From the very first notes this is a huge track from pounding drums, crashing cymbals, chugging guitar lines, deep bass line and growling vocals. For people who like their tracks then this will be perfect for you. Though come the chorus things turn more melodic with harmonious, sung vocals, more catchy guitar hooks and a less threatening nature. It is the perfect mix of straight up metal and that infectious hardcore chorus which makes tracks not only more accessible to more but also gives crowds the opportunity to dance between all the headbanging. A great track.

Their debut ‘Inside My Head’ will be released in late June and will be shortly followed up by a tour with St Alban’s pop punk act Trash Boat. The tour starts on 10th July at Satan’s Hollow in Manchester and will finish up on 25th July at Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton and will visit cities from Edinburgh to Cardiff, Bristol to Southampton. Tickets for the tour can be bought from Ticketmaster.

To find out more about Blood Youth visit their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @bloodyouthUK


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