Interview: Threatpoint

Meet Threatpoint, a five piece metal band from Scranton, Pennsylvania. With a bounty of influences and an ideal that live shows should be fun, energetic and interesting to watch as much as good to listen to; these guys are really starting to come into their own steadily building up a fanbase online and getting out there playing shows as much as possible helps too. Having already released two albums, this quintet are keen to get their music out there and have grown significantly in sound and style from one release to the next.

With all that they have acheieved so far, their clear sucesses and their great music, I thought it was only right to catch up with the band and chat all things music, Pennsylvania and what the band have set for the future.

Hi guys, you describe yourselves as a multi-dimensional metal band, where would you say you draw your main influences from?

Definitely Devildriver, Testament, Soilwork, Killswitch Engage & Pantera to name a few.

How did you meet & what made you decide to start a band?

We all met through playing out in other bands. Threatpoint is made up of 3 bands that crashed, (laughs). We’ve all been around music pretty much all of our lives. It becomes a part of you. It’s a lifestyle.

You guys are from Pennsylvania, would you say the music scene there is good? Why or why not?

Scranton/Wilkes Barre area has a great music scene. There are all sorts of bands and many different venues to play for original music. I’m speaking for original music only I don’t care about cover bands they are a dime a dozen everywhere but a lot of bands hang out with each other here and swap shows bringing in bands from all over. I feel our area is always growing with original music.

You guys have released two albums to date, the most recent in 2014, how would you say your sound has progressed or changed between the two releases?

Well “Dead to Rise” was our let’s throw shit to the wall and see what sticks; we’d just met and we were just developing a road to travel.
As for “Careful What You Wish For” it is a definite progression and growth of the band. After playing out you begin to see what works best, what people gravitate to. You begin to understand what kind of band you are and where you are actually headed to. CWYWF is more technical, more thought out, it defines us better. At that time we also had Ron Martin on Bass, he wrote all the bass lines and 2 of the songs. He’s really an advanced player but Ron left to work; we still talk to him.

What is the most essential part of any live show in your opinion?

Energy and move your ass! I hate going to see bands that stand there and don’t move. It’s a show or at least it’s supposed to be. Hell look at Devildriver they kill it night after night full throttle! We are a live band, our motto “move or be moved”

Finally, what are your plans for the rest of the year? A new album/EP release? Tour dates?

Busy busy busy… Head down south in the summer and out to Midwest and then west coast in the fall.
We are in pre-production of our third album. Having Mike White and Eric Ross now it’s 5 guys writing and it’s the first time the whole band have contributed. The new material is faster, heavier and darker but still maintains our signature groove to it all. We never want to write the same disc twice.

Check out the album teaser for their 2014 ‘Careful What You Wish For’ album below:

To find out more about Threatpoint visit their website or their Facebook page


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