tracks of the week #99

Hot Chip – Need You Now

After hearing this track last week on 6Music I’ve not stopped listening to this. It is infectious and wonderful all at once and it really is a track that will become so many’s sound of this summer. I’ve always quite liked Hot Chip as they consistently release good singles but this track has make me want to dig deeper into their backcatalogue and check out more from these guys. It really is a very accomplished dance, pop, indie, whatever label you want to throw at it track, I may not be able to label it correctly but I can tell it is bloody brilliant and if you haven’t already listened to it, DO IT NOW!!

Miaoux Miaoux – Stop The Clocks

After hearing a Miaoux Miaoux track on 6Music earlier this week, his new single ‘Unbeatable Slow Machine’, I knew that I had to feature this guy. The track I heard is nowhere to be found online so instead I opted for featuring one of his older singles instead. This one is a wonderfully blissful and almost ethereal track from the soft sounds and sparseness the music. The vocals are the main focus here and with such a wonderful voice that mixes harmony with tenderness easily then there is no wonder why that is the case. Around a third of the way through beats and harsh synth sounds are added to the fold changing this into a straight up dance track and juxtaposing completely with the opening but that doesn’t change the wonder of this in any way. Make sure you check out this guy and his remixes on his Soundcloud page.


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