tracks of the week #100

Here we are again, another tracks of the week milestone. We have finally reached number 100! Back when I started this series I never thought I’d get this far with it but as it is a series I love so much for showcasing new music or sharing my current favourite tracks, then I guess it is no wonder we have reached this big moment.

For the 50th post, I made a playlist of my favourite song from each of the previous 49 posts. Back then I put 4 tracks in a post so it was much harder to choose from. Now I only showcase 2 a week which is more than enough to showcase the very best I think but I have done the same again and put together a playlist of my favourite track from post 51 to 99. I hope you enjoy the playlist and you are more than welcome to check out the ‘tracks of the week’ archive [you can find the link to them all on the right hand side below my picture].









Check out the Tracks of the Week 51 to 99 playlist on my Spotify profile.

Here is to the next 50 and next 100 tracks of the week post and also here is to my most successful and long running blog series.


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