Rediscovering: Florence & The Machine

Rediscovering is a new series in which I write about old favourites of mine from the world of music that I have found again after having either fallen out of love with them or forgotten about for a while. Covering plenty of different genres, this will be a feature that will showcase some of my favourites that I may not have written about before or for a long time.








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For my very first Rediscovering feature, I’m going to be talking about Florence & The Machine. Back in 2009, when Florence first started out and released their debut album ‘Lungs’ I was completely in love with her, her music and her style. The wonderful tracks with an ethereal nature and full of wonder had me completely captivated. She became a musical love and a style icon to me and for the next couple of years she was clearly one of my favourite artists.

I managed to catch her set at Leeds Festival in 2009 and I was completely in awe of her, transfixed by her performance. However, when second album ‘Ceremonials’ was released in 2011, I veered away from her as her new album was something I wasn’t overly into. The new sound and direction was something I didn’t really like at the time and though I’ve grown to like the singles now I’ve never ventured into listening to the album.

With a new album announced for released earlier this year along with the arrival of first single ‘What Kind of Man’ I was transfixed again. I didn’t expect much from her after the last album but she blew me away with how great the current singles are. ‘What Kind of Man’ is a brilliant anthem of a track with a strong vocal and plenty of defiance throughout. I love the song and the moment I heard it I knew Florence was back to her best.








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With the latest singles, including ‘Ship To Wreck’ and ‘Delilah’, I have refound the connection that I have to her music. The thing that made me fall in love with Florence’s sound in the first place is that I can see myself in those lyrics, the songs from that first album mean so much to me and I can see myself in these latest songs too. Sometimes I feel like Florence speaks for my emotions when I can’t, which is silly because I don’t even know her but a musical connection doesn’t have to make sense, it is the most powerful thing that can happen between a fan and a musician though.

I’m completely looking forward to the new album ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’ which will be released on 1st June. I’m sure this will be another album that will become a mainstay and soundtrack to a huge part of my life. With singles so strong and a woman so wonderful and inspiring, I feel like I have a musical love back and it is pretty wonderful.

Check out first track taken from the new album ‘What Kind of Man’ below:

To find out more about Florence & The Machine visit their website, their Facebook page or you can follow Florence on Twitter – @flo_tweet


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