tracks of the week #101

Florence and the Machine – Delilah

I’ve written a lot recently about my refound love for Florence, check out my recent Rediscovering post here, so I thought it was only natural that I featured her latest single to be taken from the recently released 3rd album ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’. It is a great track and one that showcases the softer and more balladesque side of Florence that we all know and love. There is still that sense of sadness and doom that seems to run throughout all of the singles so far to be heard hear though and it is yet another track that only made my excitement to hear the new album bigger.

Port Isla – A.L.I.V.E

I’ve written about my love for Norwich quartet Port Isla on this blog before in a new music post and since that was published in April the guys have released a brand new EP. The EP is entitled ‘A.L.I.V.E’ and is soon to be reviewed on here, but I thought I would draw all your attention to the new release and the single of the same name. Again the guys have impressed me with their uplifting tracks full of catchy hooks and great rhythms. It is an EP definitely worth checking out from a band that are pretty damn great.


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