Interview: Long Time Divided

Today, some more new music from you guys, this time from Pittsburgh metallers Long Time Divided. Starting out back in 2008, this quintet have spent their time honing their craft, playing as many live show as possible, getting their name known on the local scene and released a self titled album back in 2012 to good reviews. With a mix of influences brought into the band from each member, they create a sound that is interesting, at times different but always very good.

I caught up with the band recently to find out more about them, their music, the scene they are part of and what is next for the band:

Hey guys, for those of us that may not already be aware, could you describe your sound?

Hey hey, what’s up? We are a blue collar, in your face hard rock band with some metal and grunge influences thrown in for good measure! If you like Stone Sour, Sevendust, A7X, you’re on the right track.

What made you guys decide to start a band? Have you always had a love of music?

Music is our life, it’s what we’ve all grown up being wholey immersed in. We all came into the band at different times of its life, but with each member’s passion for writing and performing, we have become the band as it is today.

You’re from Pittsburgh in the US, how would you describe the music scene in your city?

The Steel City! It’s a very diverse scene in Pittsburgh, catering for every genre. Any night of the week you can find live music anywhere in the city. We have a lot of big national and international bands that pass through the city too, which presents the up and coming bands with some great opportunities.

You released your self titled album back in 2012, are there any plans for new releases soon?

Currently we have more than enough material for a double album! We’re honing the songs right now and making sure that what we ultimately record the album we want to put out there. Watch out later this year for a teaser track or two!

How do you approach writing and recording music?

It’s a very organic process for us. We don’t have a set formula for writing. Any of us can bring the most basic idea to the table and although we’re all from very diverse backgrounds, both musically and in life, we all work on the same wavelength. Even if someone has a full song written, it becomes a Long Time Divided song after a few times jamming it out. We all put our stamp on it and it works. Recording is much the same, there’s nothing like hearing that small idea become a full song and played on the radio!

Finally, what are your plans for the rest of 2015?

It’s all about getting the pre production done for the new album. Also our website will be going live very soon! We’ll get some shows in too, we live to perform and we miss getting out on the road…watch this space!

Thanks for having us, it’s been our pleasure!

Check out their track ‘Requiem’ below:

To find out more about Long Time Divided visit their Reverbnation account or their Facebook page.


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