tracks of the week #102

Drenge – We Can Do What We Want

If you haven’t already heard of Drenge or given their latest album a listen, then that is something you need to fix ASAP. It is one of those albums that truly shines in an age of constant singles and filler tracks, but this album is full of awesome riffs, brilliantly penned lyrics and just well produced alternative music with a hardcore edge to it. As much as I love Royal Blood, if you are after a rock and roll duo I would recommend Drenge because they are just so bloody brilliant! I will hit repeat on this album for as long as humanly possible because I can not see myself getting bored of it anytime soon, it really is that excellent!

Gengahr – Heroine

I seriously love these guys and have done for a while now. Their sound and whole aesthetic is just brilliant and they have become one of the very few new bands that managed to fully capture my attention and love. This particular track is a recent single and has a truly wonderful washed out, hazy feel to it. With it’s slightly dreamlike vocals and swirling notes, it sort of sends you into a trance making you enjoy every moment of this song fully. The slower and more ethereal tones give way to huge, fuzzy rock riffs and pounding drum beats finishing the track in a truly spectacular way. Festival anthem right there.


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