Food Review: Lucky Fox

Over the past couple of weeks, me and my boyfriend have visited Lucky Fox, a new cafe meets restaurant with a great American inspired menu, a couple of times and both times have been utterly brilliant. This place had been open a couple of months before we ventured in but every time we walked past, it was always packed in there, something which speaks volumes in a city full of great independent food options. Finally, after reading many a good review and our curiosity/our stomachs getting the better of us we went in and we were not disappointed.

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The first time we went, it was before dinner time so we ordered from the breakfast/all day brunch menu. It was a Saturday so the cafe was pretty full but we found a table quickly and after a good time spent trying to decide what delicious offering to go for, I opted for the French Toast with fruit and my boyfriend went for Pancakes with bacon. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of my boyfriend’s meal [a theme that may reoccur later in this post] but I know for a fact that he enjoyed it. With 3 decent sized pancakes and 3 rashers of bacon, not crispy bacon surprisingly, as well as maple syrup, there was more than enough for a hearty and satisfying brunch. My French Toast arrived and looked absolutely scrumptious, from the two thick slices of brioche to the berries that were strewn around the plate and the dusting of icing sugar, it all looked so tempting and wonderful. And looks completely matched up to taste as it was so delicious, I didn’t have the maple syrup on it as I don’t like maple syrup but it was not lacking in any way without it. It was a big portion but I was determined to make my way through it and I did and the food baby I had afterwards was totally worth it.

If you are after a very decent brunch in the city centre of Sheffield then you can’t go far wrong with hitting up Lucky Fox, serving everything from pancakes and bagels to waffles and french toast meaning you can’t go far wrong. All priced reasonably and with generous portions, it will set you up for the day or will fill that breakfast food craving you may have mid-day.

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The second time we ate at Lucky Fox was in the evening so this time we ordered off the normal menu. The cafe closes at 6pm with service finishing at 5:30pm so if you want to hit this place up after work make sure to get there ASAP to be in with a chance of getting a meal. We just managed to make it before service closed and I’m glad we did because the food was even better than on our first visit.

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I must admit this place and its American themed menu is more suited to the meat eater with plenty of fried chicken options but there are some great alternatives if you are not in the mood for fried chicken or if like me you are vegetarian. This time I ordered the grilled cheese sandwich and honestly it was the best grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever eaten and until I learn how to make one as good as this I refuse to make myself one ever again because mine are not a patch on this. On the menu description, it simply states that it is made on sourdough with lots of butter and lots of cheese and served with fries, slaw and pickles. Simple menu description are what I love and this one hit the nail on the head, no fancy words just what you get on the plate. The sourdough is clearly a major key to a good grilled cheese as it truly crisps up perfectly and has a wonderful flavour. While the richness of the butter and the strong, punchy cheddar make this probably the most fattening but ultimately satisfying meal I’ve eaten in a long, long time. The fries were great and the homemade slaw with paprika running throughout was just brilliant. A great plate of food for only £8, I would recommend that sandwich to every single person I meet.

 photo IMG_5528_zpszzhwnsmx.jpg

My boyfriend went for the wonderfully named Fat Elvis which comprises of 2 pieces of fried chicken, fries, slaw, bacon and cheese all on a brioche bun. Yes quite literally all of that is placed in between 2 pieces of brioche making for quite easily the biggest burger I have ever seen in my life. After a little bit of deconstruction, he set about eating his meal and you could tell that it was good by the clear plate. Again, it was another example of just how much these guys do not skimp on their portion sizes and for the reasonable prices it really makes it one of the best value places to eat in the city.

So after two visits, I think it is safe to say that Lucky Fox has fast become one of my favourite eateries in Sheffield. And rightly so, with their passion for great, fresh food cooked there and then on a menu that screams of New York’s finest. The two meals I’ve had so far were both utterly delicious which sets a great precident for any future visits there and most defintely I will be back because I have my eyes on their Mac and Cheese.

Lucky Fox is located at 72 Division Street, Sheffield
To find out more about Lucky Fox visit their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @luckyfoxsheff


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