This Week #2

My favourite drink of summer – Java Chip Frappuccino / Review of Lucky Fox on the blog last week, featuring this gorgeous French Toast / Current Favourites from last week still ruling the roost / Drenge album has been reviewed this week and it is a great one

The past week has been a mix of frantically sorting things like the house and the blog out as well as having fun, my favourite kind of week with lots to do and a good mix of things. Last weekend, I visited a new pub and had a great meal which was a bit of a new experience for me and will be reviewed soon and I also caught Jurassic World on Sunday night and it was, as expected, pretty bloody awesome!

Since then I’ve spent my week keeping myself busy. Me and mum have completely cleaned and reorganised the kitchen making it look so much better and bigger in the process. I’ve been spending time organising myself even more than I am, especially online and on my computer trying to get hard drives and files and pictures sorted and organised and all backed up. I’d fallen behind on my lists recently so have made an effort this week to sort through them and make some new more relevant lists for things to do for the blog and personally that I can stick to over the next week or few months.

I’m currently planning summer content for the blog so hopefully there will be more of the things I want to write about as I work towards implementing changes I think this place needs. I’ve been reading a lot of inspiring things online recently too so hopefully that will kickstart my creativity and get me to finish projects I have started and start on new ones I have been putting off. Summer is usually a time for fun and relaxation and while I am planning on honouring those two aspects, I’m also planning on working hard on this blog and making it the place it should and needs to be.

Listening To:

The Maccabees – Something Like Happiness

Gengahr – Bathed In Light

Foals – What Went Down

In case you missed it, here is this week’s tracks of the week #103

What I’ve Been Reading:

A blog class from Chapter Friday on how to clear your inbox and sort it out completely. Something I’ve done in the past but that still never really worked for me so I’ve taken their points and put them into practice, so far so good!
A post by From Roses on the joys of a productive weekend, a concept I truly live by as weekend’s should be just as productive as weekdays.
This great post by Lauren Laverne on The Pool’s website about Imposter Syndrome and some ideas on how to deal with it.


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