Food Review: The White House, Leeds

A couple of weeks ago I was up in Leeds with my boyfriend for a wedding reception. The next day before we headed back to a rainy Sheffield, we stopped at the lovely looking The White House in Oakwood for a great lunch in a well designed pub with attentive staff and a great, extensive menu.

 photo IMG_5555_zpsdjcxjoma.jpg

As soon as I walked in, I instantly felt like I was in a nice atmosphere as the warm country feel of the pub makes the whole place welcoming from the outset. The pub is huge so we explored pretty much every corner before deciding where to sit in one of the rooms which was empty at the time. Straight away we were given a menu and asked for a drinks order, of which we both ordered tea and water, while perusing the menu. A little pot of tea each was delivered before we ordered choosing the intriguing sounding Vegetarian Fish and Chips.

 photo IMG_5550_zpst4dw6uaj.jpg

 photo IMG_5551_zpsouvsv51z.jpg

We both went for the veggie fish and chips which consisted of battered halloumi, chips, your choice of mushy or garden peas and tartare sauce. It sounded amazing and in truth it really was. The presentation of what is a simple English dish was great and the food itself was delicious. It was a decent sized portion with 3 generous sized pieces of battered halloumi, a big pile of chips and a good amount of both peas and tartare sauce. The halloumi itself I was slightly worried about with it being battered but it was utterly scrummy, not too greasy and the batter was light and lovely. The chips were standard pub chips, thick and fluffy and the mushy peas were perfect for me with their thicker, slightly stodgy consistency. I’m not normally a fan of tartare sauce but this one was really nice, creamy and with only hints of flavour instead of being overpowered.

 photo IMG_5552_zpsjetctduj.jpg

 photo IMG_5553_zpsny1cxrsx.jpg

As I said my boyfriend opted for the same meal but he exchanged peas for baked beans which they were more than accomodating about. His opinion on the meal was that he enjoyed it and it filled him up. He liked the texture of the cheese and it wasn’t greasy which can sometimes be problem with such a fatty cheese. The chips were good and so were the beans.

After such a wonderful veggie meal and something a little different to the norm on a pub menu for a veggie, this place has become an instant favourite of mine. I’m not sure why more places don’t try and come up with their own veggie version of fish and chips, playing about with foods and what would work best but this was a pleasure to discover. A wonderful meal in a lovely pub with a great atmosphere, what more could you ask for.

The White House is situated on Wetherby Road, Leeds LS8 2JU
To find out more about The White House visit their website.


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