tracks of the week #104

Franz Ferdinand – Do You Want To

I love Franz Ferdinand, I’ve been a massive fan of their music for years but recently I heard this track on the radio and it kickstarted my love for them all over again. The catchiness and infectious melodies of Franz Ferdinand songs are I think what drags everyone in, you can’t help but dance along to their music as it really does just beg to danced to. This is instantly being added to my summer playlist and it should be added to yours too ASAP.

Daft Punk – Robot Rock

I heard this on 6Music recently and released just how much I love this track. Daft Punk are just one of those acts that are constantly good and I can’t imagine many people not loving at least one of their songs as they just seem to produce the goods time after time showing exactly why they have managed to stick around on the dance music scene for so long. I’m sure these guys will be a part of everyone’s summer playlists in one form or another but it will be this track that features heavily for me this year.


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