EP Review: Ezekiel Honig – A Film of String & Wood

Ezekiel Honig
A Film of String & Wood
Release Date: May 2015

Label founder/manager and New York City native Ezekiel Honig has recently released a brand new vinyl EP entitled ‘A Film of String & Wood’. His mix of electronic and acoustic sounds makes for an interesting sound and a great juxtaposition between softer chords and programmed notes. This EP is a progression from his first release ‘Abandoned Audio’ where he set up his take on music dubbed “electroacoustics”, here he builds on that in an impressive set of tracks.

Soft, padding electronic beats and deep, calming atmospherics open ‘A Film of String & Wood’ with an easy going, relaxing nature. These notes remain constant throughout creating a track that exists on one level throughout though that doesn’t make this boring, as the chord changes and extra electronic moments add interest to this.

Fast beats and oscillating organlike electronics open ‘Remaining Remnants’; the static nature of the drums paired with the up and down of the electronics gives us a track that covers all bases, showing the complete juxtaposition between repetitive sounds and changing notes. While ‘Woven Across Interiors’ pretty much does exactly what it suggests with shaky atmospherics, deep piano style chords and intermittent beats all woven together, in and out of each other creating a multi-layered track that is soft and yet full of music.

We build into ‘Were Never Meant For Distance & Found It Collapsed’ with a haunting note that flits off every so often making for a stuttering sound. This is backed up by what sounds like a perfect mix between the rush of a sea current and white noise. This is not my favourite track on the EP as it is quite distracting, playing with your mind, making you not really able to concentrate on both sounds at once.

Final track, ‘A Chorus of Your Patterns’ starts with inconsistent bassy notes appearing every few seconds before fading off to silence, while a soft tapping is placed in the background making its presence known by its repetitive nature. This one then is back to that chilled out atmosphere that was so prevalent in the opening track and I think that is a good place to finish, bookending the EP with laid back pieces.

Check out track ‘Remaining Remnants’ from the EP below:

To find out more about Ezekiel Honig visit his website, his Facebook page, his Soundcloud page or you can follow him on Twitter – @ezekielhonig


EP Cover


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