Album Review: PINS – Wild Nights

Wild Nights
Release Date: 5th June 2015

Manchester four piece PINS are fast becoming the go to band of females for rock and roll sounds and plenty of attitude. The grungy females of the early 90’s have been reborn with a 2015 update that sees a mix of classic rock and roll, country afflictions and beautiful new wave sounds. After releasing a brilliant debut back in 2013 entitled ‘Girls Like Us’, the quartet have been on a journey to great heights with plenty of critical acclaim and many loyal followers and the release of this latest LP is only set to see them succeed even more.

Static brings us into this album before grungy guitar lines and pounding drums build into opener ‘Baby Bhangs’. The attitude laden music is backed up perfectly by the nonchalant delivery of the main vocal. It is a true rock and roll track with the rawness of the lyrics and vocal delivery set against dirty rhythms.

Current single ‘Young Girls’ has a more chilled out feel as shimmery notes punctuate the steady guitars and drums. The vocals still have that nonchalance to them but they are much more harmonious here weaving in and out of the calmer sounds; that is until the last chorus where the tempo quickens, playing us out on a high.

A deep bass line oscillates in the background of ‘Curse These Dreams’ creating a great foundation to build the softer beats, flowing guitar lines and angelic backing vocals on top of. While a marching style beat opens ‘Oh Lord’ before swirling scuzzy guitars come in creating another rock and roll track with a really dark atmosphere. The lethargic, nonchalant vocal delivery of the first track is back here too as the lyrics almost get lost between crashing cymbals and those muddied sounds.

A quick strong drum beat and country twang to the guitar opens ‘Dazed By You’ yielding to a fast riff set behind echoey vocals retaining that little bit of lethargy. It is a great chorus, catchy with great rhythms and melodies and will make this the track in their live set that will see you swaying your hips. But it is a softer, quieter affair for ‘Got It Bad’ with intermittent drum beats and hi-hat hits. The vocals mimic the guitar’s swaying delivery making for a track that flows absolutely perfectly. This is a calming middle point to the album, giving us a breather from all the rock and roll that has come before.

First single ‘Too Little Too Late’ has a quick commanding drum line, authoritative guitar lines and a deep, powerful bass; vocals are assertive in their delivery making this a track that can not be ignored from first chord to last. It is a badass rock anthem and from my first listen I loved it straight away and so will many others with its infectious chaotic moments.

‘House Of Love’ is a much calmer affair with drawn out but still slightly threatening guitar, the soft pound of drums which build into a hard hit and intricate oscillating riffs that sit perfectly behind these deep, heavier sounds. While the retro tinged ‘If Only’ opens with bluesy meet rock and roll guitar before a quick beat, crashing cymbals and echoey guitar come in. Backing vocals add to that vintage feel filling the track and giving it that 60’s style sound where angelic vocals sit perfectly amongst pure rock.

There is a country feel to ‘Molly’ from the first notes as guitar swaggers throughout with high pitched notes that sit well with padded out drums and vocals which strike the perfect balance between spoken and sung. It is a slow track that always sounds like it is building to something with huge atmospherics created by echoing guitar and rhythms that grow before subsiding and creating a great status quo.

It is a calm, almost silent start to final song ‘Everyone Says’ whose guitar you’ll have to strain to hear as it plods along backing up the great soaring vocal. As the twang of a louder guitar and the shimmer of a hi-hat come in, we find we are building into what is sure to become a truly stunning track, perfect to end this album on. The sparse sounds continue to the very end, never straying from the first impression they made before ending abruptly with a cymbal hit.

Check out the video for the band’s single ‘Young Girls’ below:

To find out more about PINS visit their website, their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow him on Twitter – @wearepins


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