My Summer Fashion Inspiration

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I don’t know about you but I find dressing for summer ridiculously difficult. Last week when the weather was sweltering in the UK, I had absolutely no idea what to wear and just reached for old summer dresses or shorts and a vest top. There was no planning, no thought about trying to look stylish, my only thoughts were what will not make me super hot. That feeling coupled with the fact that most of my very small amount of summer clothing is looking past its best has led me to the internet to try and find some summer fashion inspiration.

More specifically I headed to Pinterest, because when you need an idea or some inspiration, you head to Pinterest. I’ve always wanted to be able to dress stylishly in summer just like I do [or try to do] in spring, autumn and winter, I’ve always wanted to have some options for holidays and the very rare occasions where it is quite hot in England and I just think I need an overhaul wardrobe wise and to teach myself how to dress in this most weird of seasons for a hardened Northerner.

Left Hand Image – [source:] / Right Hand Image – [source:]

So with that in mind I put together summer inspired moodboard that takes in my love of neutrals, classic patterns/styles and the need for slouchiness that I love all year round but adore even more so in summer when comfort is the main thing I’m after from my clothes. Midi skirts, oversized t-shirt dresses, slouchy jumpers and cardigans, cargo style shorts and tapered trousers all matched alongside classic denim hot pants, florals, rust oranges and other earthy tones as well classic colour combinations. These are the styles and outfits I want to emulate in general but can be easily incorporated into my summer wardrobe, and general wardrobe really.

Now I have my inspiration, I guess it is time to go shopping armed with a list of the items I want to be coveting most this season and for seasons to come.

You can check out my Summer 2015 Moodboard below:

Follow Charlotte’s board Summer 2015 on Pinterest.


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