Album Lookback: The Maccabees – Given To The Wild

The Maccabees
Given To The Wild
Released: 2012

With the release of the fourth album from South London’s The Maccabees due later this month, I thought it was the perfect time to look back on their critically acclaimed and absolutely stunning third album ‘Given To The Wild’. As with their soon to be released album, this one was a change in direction musicially for the band and saw them take on the mantle on indie band fulfilling their talent and set to headline festivals in the UK one day. The success of that last album saw the band tour the world and end up on TV screens in the UK, Europe and the US, it may have taken them 3 years to follow up ‘Given To The Wild’ but it has been filled with hard work that will surely pay off for the guys.








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GTTW is an awe-inspiring wonder of an album, from start to finish the serene sounds, beautiful storytelling lyrics and dreamy soundscapes make for a wonderful listen. The album flows perfectly mixing softer moments with rock tinged riffs and pounding drums; catchy melodies create the basis of their infectious singles such as ‘Ayla’ and ‘Pelican’. It is album to truly get lost in from start to finish and for me personally, it is an album that I absolutely adore and that means so much to me. Tracks on this album make me cry and smile, remember the good times and poignant ones and it is albums like that which remain stunning and successful over the years. Songs that you can relate to and see you through the good and the bad are the songs every band wishes they could write and I feel that this is exactly what The Maccabees acheived with ‘Given To The Wild’.

The third album in their backcatalogue was where this five piece progressed into a household name band, refining their talent and making the most of their increased exposure. I can only see things getting bigger and better for the band with ‘Marks To Prove It’ when that is released soon. The tracks that have come from the album so far have not only been impressive and brilliant but showcase another new chapter and progression for the band. Again, the reviews and talk so far has been good so with the critics, fans and new listeners on their side, it will be another exciting 12-18 months for these guys.

You can check out the video for the band’s latest single ‘Something Like Happiness’ below:

To find out more about The Maccabees visit their website, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @themaccabees


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