tracks of the week #108

The Maccabees – Something Like Happiness

Very soon The Maccabees will be releasing their fourth album and from many, myself included, it is a much awaited affair. It seems like it will see another change in direction musically and growth in talent and songwriting from the South London quintet. After the release of two singles, the above included, the band have received great reviews and plenty of love from fans and newcomers to their music alike. It seems like this album will further cement the band into British indie rock success, a place they truly deserve.

Everything Everything – Regret

Ever since their 2013 album ‘Arc’, I’ve been a fan of Everything Everything and their infectious indie tracks. Recently the band have released their third studio album ‘Get To Heaven’ and the singles taken from it, like the one above, have all been great. More catchy melodies, more great vocals and lyrics and plenty of soon to be festival anthems. If you haven’t already, check out Everything Everything and their last two albums.


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