new music: The Big Moon

London quartet The Big Moon are the latest act to bring you this week. Having recently played it Tramlines, it was through the line up that I discovered these guys. With their huge and infectious fuzzy guitar based rock, they are winning new fans all over the place by playing plenty of live dates all over the country.

The above track is entitled ‘Sucker’ and it is their latest upload to their Soundcloud page. Kicking off with grungy riffs which opens up this track perfectly before subsiding to let the lethargic vocals take centre stage backed up on by little, melodic riffs yet still retaining that raw edge and a consistent drum beat. The choruses sees the tempo quicken as guitars, drums and vocals all get louder and are delivered much faster than the drawn out verses. It is a great modern day alt-rock track with harks back to 90’s grunge and shoegaze. A promising opener from a band set to make more impressive music in the future.

With lots of live experience already behind them, as well as their recent slot at Sheffield’s Tramlines festival, and two great songs already on their Soundcloud page, it is only a matter of time before we get an EP from these girls. That will most definitely be one to look out for much like this band are themselves, keep your eyes and ears on The Big Moon, they are set for something brilliant.

To find out more about The Big Moon visit their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @commoonicate


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