Culture: Y Not Festival

The final weekend of July that led into August saw me, my boyfriend and some of his friends in a field in Derbyshire for the annual Y Not Festival. The small music festival was celebrating its 10th year and it had cobbled together a great bill for the weekend too. Looking back on previous years, this seems to be a bit of a theme with booking great headline acts and with a focus on new music and nurturing that talent through the years. It is an impressive feat for a festival more towards the smaller end of the UK festival spectrum and that is surely what has made it so successful over the years and has seen it reach its 10th birthday.














The weekend itself for me was pretty great. I’m not going to lie and saying I love camping because I don’t, in fact I hate camping and I did moan a little about how much I hated it though I think lack of sleep was more of a contribution towards that. However, it was good weather basically all weekend with only a few light showers on the Saturday and no mud at all, which I think put everyone in an even better mood throughout the course of the weekend.

Super Furry Animals

On the Friday, I saw less bands than I wanted to as we completely lost track of time. We got to the festival on the Friday and set up camp that day so after a much needed rest and few drinks before we knew it, it was gone 7pm and we hadn’t even wandered into the arena yet. Me and my boyfriend saw every band together over the course of the weekend and that night we caught Super Furry Animals on the main stage, who were pretty good and the brilliant Pulled Apart by Horses headline set on the third stage. That was a great show and one of the highlights of the festival for me.

Pulled Apart By Horses

Saturday saw an earlier start in terms of getting into the arena with a mid-afternoon wander up there and when I say wander I mean it, the site is pretty small so even though we were camped right at the outer edge of the site it still only took us 5 minutes to walk to the main arena in the centre of the site. We caught quite a few bands that day including Deaf Havana on the main stage, Summer Camp on the second stage and Arcane Roots on the third stage. My favourite set of those going to the awesome Arcane Roots whose hardcore punk sound I instantly loved. After an hour or so of wandering round and getting some food from the awesome falafel stand, that I frequented every day of the festival, we headed to the main stage to catch Ocean Colour Scene and Basement Jaxx. I think Basement Jaxx brought an amazing set to the festival, a total party atmosphere with plenty of huge dance-fuelled tracks. There was a bit of a mixed reaction talking to people about it but in the main it was a solid, bound to go down well set.

The final day saw another mid-afternoon start to the music for us. Starting at the main stage to catch King Pleasure and The Biscuit Boys while eating more falafel [I know, I love falafel!]. They were pretty good, very entertaining and a good band to pick everyone up on a Sunday afternoon. We also caught the bloody brilliant Zoax, the dreamy Gengahr and the old school favourites of my boyfriend, Nine Black Alps. It was an awesome line up of music for us that afternoon/early evening but things ended there for us really as we only caught a little bit of Johnny Marr’s set and Primal Scream’s main stage headline set didn’t really impress either of us. To be fair to them, they were battling against the wind that was carrying the sound off in the other direction but they still seemed a little lacklustre in their performance.

Left: Gengahr

All in all though, we had a great weekend and I think it is the type of festival that I would go to again as it is small, there is a good atmosphere, great music and really good food on offer too. It seems to me to be the type of festival that would be great for first time festival goers especially those under 18 as it would give you a good but not too overwhelming taste of what a festival is like. That seemed to be the case as well as there was a lot of teenagers but there was also families with kids, 20 somethings and up to 50 and 60 somethings around too.

It is a great festival and one that I would recommend to pretty much everybody. Hopefully I may be back for 2016 but if not 2015 and the 10th birthday of Y Not was great. I had a bloody lovely time.

To find out more about Y Not Festival visit the website.


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