5 Films To Check Out This Summer

I’ve never really write about film on here despite my increasing love of it and so I thought that should change a little. Don’t worry I’m not going to start reviewing films or discussing casting rumours/theories because quite frankly I’d rather leave that to the writers at magazines like Empire who know what they are talking about.

Instead I’m going to pick out my 5 films to check out this summer. These are the 5 films I really want to see over the course of the next few months and I’m pretty sure they will interest you guys too. There is something for everyone here from kids films to superheros, action to comedy. So without further ado here are the 5 films I want to check out this summer:

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

The latest film in the Mission Impossible series looks nothing short of amazing. I’ve only seen the fourth Mission Impossible film which was a good, if not unconventional, introduction to the franchise. With a great cast, some awesome stunts and brilliant reviews, this film is definitely going to be a good one.

Check out the trailer below:

Ant Man

The latest release from the Marvel universe is Ant Man. A lot of people have stated that this film is a filler until the bigger releases later this year and next from Marvel but I didn’t see it that way when I watched it. Ok so it’s no Avengers in terms of brilliance and epic scale but it is still a very good film. The storyline is good, the cast is good, Paul Rudd is great as the lead actor and the whole thing was enjoyable and funny from start to finish. Check this one out in IMAX 3D to truly appreciate the depth of field as Rudd changes from normal sized man to ant sized superhero.

Check out the trailer below:

Inside Out

The kids film of the summer, that isn’t the Minions, is Inside Out. The basic premise is that this film follows five emotions in the head of a pre-teen as she moves up into a new school. We’ve all been through that time ourselves so I’m sure we can relate but it is a clever and interesting premise to base a film on that I think makes this just as good a watch for adults as well as kids. All I’ve heard is good things about this film and I’m looking forward to catching it soon.

Check out the trailer below:


This is the film I’m most excited for this summer. Everyone’s favourite Tom Hardy gives what has been described as a truly accomplished performance in Legend, the new film based on the life and legend of the Kray twins. The best thing I think about this is that Hardy plays both twins and as you can see from the trailer, Ronnie and Reggie are both very different which I think shows just how versatile and brilliant an actor Hardy has become. I can’t even begin to describe to you how excited I am to see this, it looks so good! Go and see it when it comes out.

Check out the trailer below:

Absolutely Anything

I only found out about this one recently when my boyfriend showed me the trailer and it looks blooming awesome. I mean Simon Pegg is in it so obviously it is going to be good and funny but it is written by the Monty Python guys featuring all their voices too so it really will be funny. The trailer is great and really gave me a good idea of the type of film, silly and great for a Friday night to just chill out, relax and laugh for a bit in the cinema. A good comedy to check out this summer.

Check out the trailer below:


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