tracks of the week #112

Four Tet – Back2TheStart

A great new track from Four Tet that has been doing the rounds on 6Music recently and has completely caught my attention. Using samples and lyrics from a Cheryl Cole track that was released a couple of years ago, it gives a complete re-working of that alongside some great beats, melodies and sounds layered together wonderfully. This is available for free download now from his Soundcloud page too.

Kwabs – Forgiven

The brilliant Kwabs impressed me so much last year with just a couple of tracks to his name. Now he has built up an impressive back catalogue and this latest release from him is just one of those gems. The stunning and impressive vocals of the man himself which are full of harmonies and soul, flitting from soaring high notes to bassy, deep, emotive moments. All that is set against an almost epic, delivery of music with a soulful, church-reminiscent edge and huge, ethereal sounds. It is a great track and truly breathtaking to listen to.


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