3 Ways To Wear: H&M Patterned Dress

A couple of weeks ago, I went on a bit of a H&M buying spree and one of the items I picked up was this lovely patterned oversized dress. I honestly love it so much and because I know it is something that I will be wearing a hell of a lot over the next few months and seasons, I thought it would be good to put together 3 different ways I can style up the most simple of outfits, the dress.

As the dress is already very much a stand out piece with its colours and patterns, I’ve tried to keep that as the centre piece to this outfit and build nice but simplier accessories and pieces around that. Some of the items featured are things I already own or are slight variations on them and others are things that I love and can use as inspiration to look within my own wardrobe for something similar. I love all these outfits and I think they will all be taken out for a spin, so to say, very soon.

Dress #1

Which outfit do you prefer?


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