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Alphabet Backwards

Oxford indie pop quintet Alphabet Backwards are currently writing and recording 3 seperate releases to follow up their well received debut. These releases will all be released over the course of a year without studios or labels, with only home recording and an element of freedom being allowed.

This all happened over 3 weekends spent at Buckhouse Farm where the guys will be barricading themselves in the house, writing, recording and playing to create the next best things from them. The second release from this time is a 3 track EP called ‘Book About Foxes’, it is set to be released on 25th September and follows a busy festival season for the five piece.

The third and final release will be released in March 2016 marking 365 days from the start of their recording and releasing process.

You can check out their latest track ‘Trips’, a wonderful indie pop classic in the making with infectious melodies and great rhythms, it is an earworm in the truest sense of the word with catchy choruses hooking you in throughout. Check out the video for the track below:

To find out more about Alphabet Backwards visit their Facebook page, their YouTube page or you can follow them on Twitter – @AlphaBackwards











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Nashville based singer/songwriter Callaghan has been featured a lot on here in the past and for good reason with her great modern take on country music meets catchy pop melodies. She recently released a new album, ‘A History of Now’ [check out my review of it here] and now she is about to release the latest single taken from that album entitled ‘We Don’t Have To Change The World’.

After a great summer touring the UK and appearing at the like of Secret Garden Party and Cambridge Folk Festival, Callaghan doesn’t seem to be resting on her laurels or her past successes, pushing herself further into the consciousness of many more people. That seems to have worked to as this track is currently on Radio 2’s C List having received great acclaim from the station and many other press outlets too.

The track is yet another one that she has dedicated and written for her fans with this track going even further and featuring the backing vocals of a fan who subscribed to an earlier PledgeMusic campaign. I’ll leave the last words about this song to the woman herself though; “I wanted to write a song full of joy about forgetting the pressures and distractions of modern life and living in the moment… Moments that offer that opportunity can be rare, so we have to enjoy them when they come.”

You can check out her latest single ‘We Don’t Have To Change The World’ below:

To find out more about Callaghan visit her website, her Facebook page or you can follow her on Twitter – @callaghanmusic

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Cut Ribbons

South Wales quintet Cut Ribbons are another one that have been featured a lot on here and again for good reasons as their blend of cool indie meets infectious pop meets ethereal sounds is one that is absolutely brilliant and captivating to listen to. After a brilliant couple of years, touring, supporting great acts and releasing some excellent music online, the band are back to release their next single ‘We Want To Watch Something We Loved Burn’.

This track is exception to their previous releases featuring dance along rhythms, 80’s infused synths, soaring almost angelic vocals and plenty of insanely catchy melodies playing off one another throughout the track. It is a great feel good song with its upbeat tempo and shimmering sounds making this the perfect track to pick up your mood and I can see this becoming an instant favourite of many out there.

Check out their latest single ‘We Want To Watch Something We Loved Burn’ below:

To find out more about Cut Ribbons visit their website, their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @cutribbons


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