tracks of the week #115

Paolo Nutini – Better Man

This track is utterly beautiful and quite easily one of my favourite Paolo Nutini songs he has ever released. This version in particular is just stunning and really let’s the beauty and awe of the track stand out for all to see. This is one of those tracks that can make you emotional and give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside and I absolutely adore it. I may not be the most emotional person in the world but when it comes to music it is the one thing that makes me feel emotion so strongly and this track is one of those that kickstarts a whole tidal wave of feelings.

Everything Everything – Distant Past

Having featured this band on here a few times before, I think you probably know about my love for the band. They are great at what they do which is creating infectious pop tracks with catchy melodies, stick in your head lyrics and an indie edge which just makes it that bit cooler than a typical pop song. I can’t remember ever not singing along to an Everything Everything chorus and not having it stuck in my head for weeks and this track is no exception to that. A great band to listen to at the end of the week putting you in the perfect mood for the weekend.


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