This Week #13

Listening to one of my favourites on a Saturday night / Lovely cocktails at Anchorage this weekend / My boyfriend cooked me this lovely sweet and sour quorn steak with vegetables and egg fried rice / My first adult colouring accomplishment

This week has been a bit of a wierd one if I’m being truly honest with you. Some things that were happening through the summer have come to an end and though things should have become less stressful it hasn’t truly. The upside though is that I have a lot more time to write now so hopefully I can get back to focussing on some projects and pieces I’d made a start on but have neglected all summer for one reason or another.

As a household, I’ve had 2 ill people and a poorly cat to deal with this week so I’ve had my Florence Nightingale hat on as well as the praying I don’t get ill myself hat on too. Even though the latter hat didn’t last long enough as I managed to pick up a cold mid-week. It is week’s like this though that remind me, I am an adult with many responsibilities and I can’t just leave everything to my mum like I could when I was a child or a teenager.

So yeah, it has been an odd week. I went out on Saturday night, spent Sunday pottering around the house and then this week, doing lots of chores, fitting writing where I can and spending my ill days reading and colouring. It’s been pretty busy but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way because I hate having nothing to do.

What I’ve Been Listening To:

I’ve not really listened to much music this week so apologies for featuring these artists on here yet again but finding new music has not really been a priority over the past couple of days.

Paolo Nutini – Coming Up Easy

The Maccabees – Ayla

If you missed it, you can check out this week’s tracks of the week #115

What I’ve Been Reading:

– Some things to keep in mind about stress by From Roses. Some easy statements to remember that I think everyone needs reminding of every now and again.

A great piece on The Pool about why it is ok to fail and why failure is sometimes better for you and your career than success.


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