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Today, some brand new and just released music for you from the brilliant guys in The Crookes. The Sheffield four piece have become a well known name on the indie music scene over the last few years becoming a great live band with only respect and good words to follow their name around.

Their brand new single has been released today and is entitled ‘I Wanna Waste My Time On You’. The track is out now on Anywhere Records in the UK and Europe and Modern Outsider in the US and it is taken from the band’s upcoming fourth album. You can check out the track for yourself below:

It’s a rousing and uplifting one from the off with a retro 80’s shoegaze tinge to the melodies of the guitar and the vocal delivery. It is full of hollow guitar notes, a commanding and steady drum beat and harmonious yet nonchalent vocals. The choruses are huge and capture your attention instantly with their dance-along rhythms, infectious chords and lyrics begging to be sung along to. This is a great track that showcases the band’s potential and talent to take a mix of influences and put a new spin on it, creating what is a great pop song in many ways but has a great alternative, indie edge. This is one that is sure to go down an absolute storm live and it begs for you to press the ‘repeat’ button over and over again.

A recent line up change with a new drummer has seen the band start a brand new chapter which has been supported by this new single and surely will be cemented fully when their next album is released. This next chapter will also hopefully see the announcement of tour dates around the UK and further afield for a band that has fans scattered around in so many countries. For those in Oxford and Norwich, the band already have a show there in November so make sure you get down to that if you can.

The new release will include a B-Side ‘Ex-Lovers’ featuring Misty Miller, it is a beautiful track that captures a moment through one microphone on the floor of The Nave Studio.

You can download the single now through all the usual outlets or for more information visit the band’s website.

To find out more about The Crookes visit their website, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @TheCrookes


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