This Week #16

Iced Chocolate from Steam Yard, the perfect Saturday treat / Afternoon Tea in Bakewell / A Lovely Day Out in Bakewell with my boyfriend on Sunday

It’s been a funny old week this one, full of great and lovely moments and then not so good things to deal with too. It started off with a 3 day migraine which was not fun in the slightest but I was determined to have myself a good weekend and get things that needed doing done. It was probably a bad idea with just how much pain I was in but in the brief moments of rest bite I had a lovely weekend. It started with a trip into town where I booked in my next tattoo, bought a lovely vintage bag and had a lovely iced chocolate at Steam Yard. Sunday, me and the boyfriend went off to Bakewell and it was an absolutely brilliant day. We came home with so much cake and sweets, it was pretty insane. We had a lovely wander round, saw plenty of old motorbikes that decided to grace the town with an appearance, we had afternoon tea and chips and it was a perfect Sunday in late September.

The week has been pretty packed with one thing and another but the highlight for me was getting my new tattoo done which incorporates one of my older tattoos in it making it a nice big piece which just looks pretty awesome. I’m so pleased with it as I’ve been wanting to work on that tattoo and making it look better for a while now and it finally looks great and so much better than I could have imagined it to look.

I honestly can’t believe that it is October already and that tonight I’m off out to celebrate the first of my group of school friend’s 25th birthdays. I don’t remember us growing up and getting to this age but it seems to have happened and quicker than me and them thought. Scary times for all of us. But I’m excited for what adulthood has brought us all so far and what it may well bring us in the future.

Have a good weekend everyone!

What I’ve Been Listening To:

Beirut – Gibraltar

Tame Impala – Elephant

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What I’ve Been Reading:

– A piece on The Pool by Olivia Gordon on why the mid-afternoon slump is real and how to deal with it. Something I deal with every single day, especially at the moment as I’m not sleeping well at all, and there are some great tips for me to try in here.

A great piece by Lauren Laverne on The Pool about why it is great to be a British woman.

An insightful piece by Sali Hughes on The Pool all about insomnia. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m an insomniac but as someone who struggles a lot with sleep issues I thought it was quite interesting to read and see just how much it does have an effect on many people’s lives.


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