Interiors: Workspace Inspiration

As I come to the end of cleaning up my room for winter and throwing out all of the junk I don’t need, I can now focus on design and redesigning certain areas of my room. The space thrives on fitting as much as possible into the smallest spaces and so I’m always on the lookout for storage solutions that also look good. When it comes to my desk, storagem functionality and design are all key for me. I want to focus on bringing in new pieces, making the most of what I already have, focussing on making more space, sprucing everything up and giving my desk a new lease of life whilst maintaining its main purpose of being my workspace for my writing and coming up with ideas for this blog and articles.

Below are just a few ideas of what I would like on my desk or in my workspace and how exactly I would like my workspace to look in an ideal world. If you are thinking of sprucing up your workspace too, I hope you can find some inspiration here:


Image 1 – source:
Image 2 – source:
Image 3 – source:
Image 4 – source:
Image 5 – source:
Image 6 – source:
Image 7 – source:
Image 8 – source:


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