A Day In Bakewell

A few weekends ago, me and my boyfriend heading over to Bakewell for a day of good food and plenty of good weather. It had been a long time since I’d been to Bakewell and a hell of a lot had changed since I was last there but regardless the lovely, quaint countryside town atmosphere remained and I truly soaked it all up. As much as I am a city girl at heart, I do love nothing more than visiting little towns like Bakewell as they give me that much needed restbite from city life without having to spend too much time with nature.














Anyway, on to Bakewell itself. We arrived just before 12 after just under an hour’s drive from our home in Sheffield. The journey was lovely all country lanes and little villages and with it being such a lovely, sunny autumnal day it really made for a picturesque drive across to Bakewell and a brilliant day in the town itself. After parking up, we headed straight into the town centre and wandered around all the cutesy little shops. I bought a bakewell tart straight away to take home with us because you just have to treat yourself to a local delicacy.

Even though it was a Sunday there seemed to be a lot going on with a craft fair in the town centre and plenty of vintage motorbike riders trawling through the roads in the middle of the town creating quite a stir from noise and their eccentric fashion sense. There was plenty of little trinket shops, food shops and more and we spent a good amount of time exploring each one. Myself and my boyfriend came away with some fudge after popping in to pick up some for my mum. I also managed to find a vintage copy of Wuthering Heights for a mere £1 which is perfect to add not only to my book collection but my vintage book collection. I could have spent a fortune there that day with so many cute and amazing things to buy but maybe another time.

After a while, we decided it was probably a good time to go and get some lunch so after scoping out some of the nicest cafes there, we ended up at The Bean and Bag in the town centre. After not much deliberation, we settled on treating ourselves to an afternoon tea and it was absolutely excellent idea from the both of us. The afternoon tea was £15 for two people and it was absolutely huge! Plenty of finger sandwiches packed full, two huge homemade scones with pots of jam and clotted cream, 2 big pieces of cake [one – victoria sponge, one – coffee cake] and 2 big triangles of rocky road. All that came with unlimited pots of tea or coffee, enough to keep anyone going.

I must admit we failed miserably at eating any of it really, we had 3 small squares of sandwiches each and our scone as well as 2 pots of tea, and ended up taking home some sandwiches, cake and the rocky road. We left Bakewell with so much cake and sweet food showing that we were well and truly defeated by that afternoon tea, nonetheless it was delicious and I would definitely recommend The Bean and Bag for food if you ever find yourself in Bakewell.

After lunch, we headed back to the car to drop off all the food before heading back into the town centre over one of the beautiful bridges, stopping to take pictures of the river and the sun hitting it perfectly. After another couple of hours walking around the town, checking out all the little stores we were yet to see and having a relaxing ten minutes in the gardens, we headed back to the car stopping off to pick up some chips for the journey back.














Driving back to Sheffield over the beautiful rolling hills and through those quaint little villages, I knew that I’d had an absolutely wonderful day. I may not be at ease in the countryside for the most part but I love getting out there, away from the city for a day or so and taking in these little towns and villages. It is a great way to see more of the counties and the country on my doorstep especially as Sheffield is so close to the countryside and I feel like I need to make more of the natural beauties that are all around me.

This really was a lovely day in Bakewell seeing so much on a wonderfully sunny Autumnal day and hopefully I will be back here soon.


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