This Week #19

Coffee and Cake is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon / Delicious pizzas and the best arancini balls in the world from Picture House Social last weekend.

The past couple of weeks haven’t been the best really, they have been super stressful on a personal level hence why I didn’t bother posting a round up post last week because there wasn’t anything good to talk about really. This week has been better in some respects and just as bad as others but I’m trying to stay positive. I’ve been pretty productive over the past few days which has been good and getting work done is the perfect way to keep your mind of stresses. Hopefully things will pick up soon but for now I’ve put together 5 things that have made me happy recently to try and focus more on the positives. This may become a regular feature on here but we’ll wait and see, for now my 5 happy things from the past couple of weeks:

1) Finally finishing my CV and cover letter updates. It was a long process and I must admit I learnt a hell of a lot. I’ve never written a cover letter before so that was quite an eye-opening experience into how to really sell yourself for the job you want. I’m glad it is done, now just to keep them up to date as much as possible.

2) Using the vouchers for free pizza at Picture House Social me and my boyfriend won last week in their music quiz. The quiz was difficult so we were pretty pleased to come second, plus we finally got to try pizza at Picture House which I’ve been wanting to try for a long, long time. It was as delicious as I thought it would be.

3) Having a super productive weekend recently and getting everything ticked off my to-do list including cleaning my room, fixing a dress, making a start on my halloween costume, finishing blog posts and buying some more Christmas presents.

4) Finishing my fancy dress costume and making a pretty good effort at becoming Dr Ellie Sattler from Jurassic Park for the night.

5) Meeting my boyfriend after work on the last two Friday’s for a couple of drinks and a bit of time to ourselves to just relax and spend some much needed quality time together.

What I’ve Been Listening To:

Friendly Fires – Live Those Days Tonight

The Strokes – Reptilia

In case you missed them, you can check out the last two tracks of the week posts below:
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What I’ve Been Reading:

– A great article by Daisy Buchanan for The Pool on why consent classes at universities up and down the country are so important.

We found out some more about the Women’s Equality Party this week and their policies to me all seem pretty good and things that I can get behind. I hope these ideas are things other political parties pay attention to and adopt in their manifestos to create a better and more equal world for all women and minorities in this country and further afield.

This sounds really interesting and like the exact type of thing that really would finally get me into reading comics.

Interesting post from The Guardian about how time is more important than money in today’s working world as more and more companies are switching to flexible working hours instead of full time. Something that I think will be important and necessary over the coming years to improve the jobs market.

A protest that took place 40 years ago in Iceland changed the way women are treated in the country, Marisa Bate for The Pool sheds some much needed light on it this week.


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