tracks of the week #123

Lonelady – Silvering

After hearing a lot from this brilliant artist this year, it was only fair that I featured her in my tracks of the week post finally. Her latest album ‘Hinterland’ was released earlier this year and the singles from it have been a mainstay on 6Music over the last few months. Hearing the songs so regularly really gave me time to truly discover the talent of this singer/songwriter as well as having the tracks stuck in my head for days and weeks because they are so damn catchy in a completely non-obvious way. If you are yet to check out Lonelady, then I would suggest that you do ASAP.

Fidlar – Punks

Fidlar are one of those bands that I like but I don’t like enough to go and see live. Their tracks seems hit and miss for me so I either love their songs or kind of detest them. However, with their latest single ‘Punks’ I’m definitely more on the love side, hence why it is being featured on here. The LA skate meets garage punks have created a song worthy of its title and have given the skate/garage punk genre a well needed kick into life again. It has been a long time since people were making this type of music that has reached further than the underground and for that Fidlar should be applauded for sticking to their guns and playing the music they truly enjoy.


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