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Today, I’m going to be bringing you some new music from a brilliant band hailing from Manchester, Orion. These guys have been described as ambient metal and they definitely manage to capture the softer side of one of the heaviest musical genres which is refreshing and lovely to behold.

Above is the video for their latest single ‘Somnium’, a track that reminds me very much of the new Bring Me The Horizon stuff in parts but this is very much Orion’s own. With post hardcore and 80’s influences thrown in there, this one has a very new wave goth vibe which I absolutely love. A calming, repetitive build up into the song gives us time to really take in the influences of this before it crashes in with the quick, distorted guitars, pounding drums and shouty meets harmonious vocals. The mix of soft, more experimental moments and faster, heavier, metal-fuelled parts creates an interesting track to behold that is also truly brilliant in its delivery.

Here’s what guitarist Alex Huzar had to say about the track; “The new single is a stepping stone from what we have been doing to date and to what we are currently working on in our forthcoming release. It also serves as a taster to the concept that we have for the full album. It’s really exciting as this release is the first time that we’re seeing writing contributions from our whole band… You can expect to see a really diverse set of sounds, instruments and influences.”

Throughout their time together, the band have played many a show from UK Tech Metal Festival twice to playing alongside Devil Sold His Soul, Uneven Structure and Hacktivist of Late. Over the past year, they have been writing and recording new material alongside those shows and the culmination of all that hard work will come next year when their concept album is released.

Make sure you look out for the album next year but in the meantime, check out the awesome first single ‘Somnium’ featured above.

To find out more about Orion visit their website, their Facebook page, their Bandcamp page or you can follow them on Twitter – @orion_official

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