This Week #21

Inspired by vegan bowls, I made my first attempt at a veggie bowl this week including Quorn, quinoa, salad and houmous / The most delicious hot chocolate in a super cute penguin cup at Costa / The beautiful red roses my boyfriend bought me after my interview this week / A journey with cookies is a good journey

This week has gone so much quicker than expected and for that reason, I feel a little bit left behind in it’s wake. As the weeks draw closer to Christmas, I can only see things quickening up and not slowing down, so maybe I need to get used to everything happening in the blink of an eye. Here are my 5 happy things from this week:

1) Being invited for interview this week and instead of freaking out about the prospect, I got on with it. Me and my boyfriend worked together to teach me interview basics and when it came to the interview itself I was a lot less nervous than I thought I would be.

2) My boyfriend buying me my favourite roses after he came home from work in the day of my interview. My favourite flowers to celebrate my first proper grown up job interview and simply because he was proud of me.

3) Popping into town after my interview on Tuesday morning and heading for Costa for a hot chocolate in one of their super cute Christmas cups. The hot chocolate was also so delcious! The best one I’ve ever drank from Costa, I wish I’d ordered two.

4) Finally getting in the job application groove, after years of having no idea how to properly apply for a job and after a lot of coaching from my boyfriend, I now have a good series of CV’s and cover letters ready to use as and when needed. This also makes me feel super professional too which is pretty awesome.

5) Finishing off the changes I’ve made to my trench coat and now being super proud of how it looks. I bought a vintage navy trench off eBay last year and though I loved it, it was too long and quite boring. I took it to a tailors a couple of months ago to have the hem taken up considerably and have fitted it with new buttons, silver this time instead of brown. It looks so much better for such small and easy to do changes, it looks like a different coat and so much better than before. I’m very happy with my lovely trench coat now.

What I’ve Been Listening To:

Metallica – Enter Sandman

SBTRKT ft. Sampha – Something Goes Right

In case you missed it, you can check out this week’s tracks of the week #124

What I’ve Been Reading:

A great piece by Viv Groskop in The Pool about why we shouldn’t feel guilty about seeing our oldest friends all the time. Something I do a lot as I don’t see my oldest friends often enough but instead of being guilty about not seeing them I should be happy about the times I have seen them and had fun.
This powerful political piece that I’ve found difficult not to share with everything this week. George Monbiot talks to us about the letter that proves David Cameron has no idea the damage his own spending cuts are doing to his own constituents and the country as a whole.


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