TV: What I’ll Be Watching This Winter

Winter is the perfect time to settle down and watch all that TV you’ve been meaning to watch for months. Whether it is to catch up on a series you love, check out a brand new show or that the latest series of your favourite show is back, when the weather is cold staying in and watching TV is an appealing prospect. With that in mind, I thought I’d put together a list of shows that I’ll hopefully be checking over the next few months from my favourites to new finds, here are the 4 shows I’ve picked:

The Originals

The Originals has been running for 2 series so far, both shown on SyFy with a third season set to be returning to the channel towards the end of this year/beginning of next. Currently I’ve rewatching the first two series on Netflix as I missed a couple of episodes of season 2 which messed up my viewing for the rest of the season. This one is about the original vampire family and their trails to keep their family together and functional after 1000 years in New Orleans with threats from witches, werewolves, vampire hunters and more around every corner.

The Bridge

This is a series I’m yet to watch but have been meaning to watch for a couple of years. The scandi-noir genre is super popular at the moment and with crime and political thrillers aplenty set against the stunning backdrops of Scandanavia, it is easy to see why. After watching The Tunnel last year, which is based on the same principle storyline as season 1 of The Bridge with a body being found in the middle of the bridge between Denmark and Norway, I know I will love this. Season 1 and 2 are on Netflix now which I’ll be catching up on soon and season 3 airs on BBC4 in the next couple of weeks.


Here is another series I’ve been meaning to watch in a long time. After being released on Netflix earlier this year, this new Marvel series is another look at one of the characters that has not yet been picked up for cinema release but is clearly integral within the Marvel universe. From what I’ve heard this series is great and with it being uploaded to Netflix all at once, you can have a true binge on this series if you wanted as well. Definitely one to check out this winter.

The Affair

This is probably my favourite show on TV at the moment, probably because I love the intrigue and intertwined plot point but this really is great. The first series aired just mere months ago following the lives and the affair of two very different people. Seeing it from each others perspective so what you saw each time was something very different, as time went on you saw the effects of the affair on relationships and themselves whilst behind it all was an underlaying plot point where both parties were being questioned by police in the present day. The second series has just started airing on Sky Atlantic and is told from 4 plot point this time though following the exact same people. It’s interesting, brilliantly written, acted superbly and there is something the show is constantly keeping back from viewers which keeps me watching all the more.


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