Tuesday Tips #14: Top 5 Failsafe Christmas Present Ideas

As Christmas fast approaches and the need to get all your shopping done as soon as possible becomes a very real thought, I decided that now would be the right time to put together a list of failsafe ideas and presents for anyone in your life. Whether you are looking for a stocking filler, a Secret Santa present or a personalised big present, then there is something here for you. I’ve tried to put a good mix of things for men and women in this so hopefully there will be something for everyone you will be buying for this year.






source – advicesisters.com

1. Lush Gift Boxes

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Lush products from face masks and skincare to make up and shampoo, these guys have it covered for all your bathroom and cosmetic products needs. Everything being made fresh makes from some of the best stuff around in my opinion as you know exactly what is in it and the quality products, I find, have always helped my skin. When it comes to gifts, this is the place to go whether you want a gift for a friend, your mother, significant other or teenage niece, you will find something good for everyone here.

There are a range of gift boxes from smaller ones with a couple of items in for a cheaper Secret Santa gift or a stocking filler to the expensive boxes packed of all the best Lush has to offer and would be the perfect treat for a Lush fan you love. With different boxes catering for different needs with different smells and ingredients you can really pick the one you think the person you are buying for would love and with every box wrapped perfectly already with cute, fun or bright wrapping and bows galore, you don’t even need to wrap this present either!










Slippers, Socks & Candles

Though this may seem like a girly present at first, it is defintely something that can go for both genders. Everyone loves socks and slippers and getting some lovely cosy ones for Christmas would be a present I would absolutely love. There are some great designs on the high street at the moment for both men and women, all at reasonable prices, so make sure you pick up some of the best footwear around for whoever you are buying presents for this year.

When it comes to candles they can sometimes be difficult to buy because of trying to pick a good scent but my rule of thumb is always to go for the more subtle smells and flavours as pretty much everyone likes those and they won’t offend anyone. So unless you know the exact scents people like I’d keep it simple when it comes to candles and stick to ones in stylish jars in minimal colours.










source: colourliving.co.uk

The Book of Everyone

This is a gift I’ve been looking at buying for someone for a long time as a lovely personalised gift for someone you know well and truly care about. The books are quite expensive so probably not ideal as a stocking filler but for boyfriends, best friends, parents or siblings, this really would be a great idea.

The premise is you make a book about whoever you are buying for, you input their name, date of birth and gender and the website generates information based on their age and the year they were born. A lot of pages are as standard but a fair few of them you can edit and personalise to fit the person that you are creating it for. Every page is well thought out and well designed and it really would make a stunning gift to keep and cherish forever. There are 3 different price brackets for the book depending on the style you go for and if you are planning on giving it to family who live abroad then you can just buy the digital book and send it over to them to enjoy on their laptops and tablets instead. A really great present idea.











A failsafe gift idea for someone you know well is always perfume/aftershave. It is a gift that everyone loves because it is so personal and the thought that goes into buying this gift for someone is always so well appreciated. Whether it is a big bottle or a small bottle or one of those lovely gift sets, they will always be a great gift for someone. My only reservation with this one is that you buy for someone you know very well because you want to make sure you get the correct brand and scent. As perfume is a very personal thing buying the wrong thing or just guessing what you think is right is never good. Always a great Christmas present idea but definitely for someone you know very, very well.












Who doesn’t love stationery? I mean if I was bought the entirety of Paperchase for Christmas I would be more than happy with that. You can’t go wrong with stationery because everyone loves it and everyone needs it. Whether it is a nice pen for the high-flying man in your life, the address book set for your mum or the cute notebooks for every twenty-something girl out there, you will always find something for everyone when you decide to buy stationery for people for Christmas. With a great range of well designed and quirky stuff out there at the moment from high end brands to cheaper alternatives, there is something for every budget and every person possible that you could be buying for this Christmas.

I hope this guide helps you a little bit if you are struggling with Christmas present buying this year. But remember it isn’t about the cost of the gift but the thought behind it that really counts.


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