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Today, I’m bringing you some new music but also some sad news for long time fans of this band. West Yorkshire trio Monster Jaw, who I’ve featured many times on the blog over the years, have recently announced that they will be parting ways and along with the announcement the band have put one of their most emotional tracks ‘Why?’ up for free download for their fans. You can check out the track below:

The track is a sombre one from the off with drawn out guitar strums and deep sounds dominating. That doesn’t change much when the vocals come in as the music is taken down to the bare, dank bones while vocals have a menacing edge to them from their slight distortion and spoken delivery. It really is a track laden with emotion and a good track to end their musical career on.

After almost three years, the band have amicably decided that their creative partnership is over as they all individually focus on new projects. Frontman Mik Davis had this to say about the split; “It’s been a wild three years for Monster Jaw – we’ve achieved many great things together, but most importantly stuck together through some tough times and stayed friends. We wanted to end things properly, so we decided to record our final single ‘Why?’ as an epitaph for our short time together. It’s been a chance for us musically to re-visit our roots and channel some of our anger and frustration at the world around us. If we’re only ever remembered for one track – then we’d like it to be this one.”

The band are using the free download release of this track as a way to thank their fans and supporters. They have described the track as one of their most emotive to date and features guest vocals from long term supporter Justin Sullivan from New Model Army and internationally renowned poet Joolz Denby. Produced by long term collaborater Wes Maebe gives the track not only the DIY feel that the band have always been known for but makes this final track truly special.

I’ve loved working with Monster Jaw and their label on many posts over the years and I want to wish the guys the best of luck with whatever they go on to do now.

Find out more and read the farewell message over on their website.


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