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Today, I’m bringing you some new music from Birmingham five piece Everybody Looks Famous. The band have recently released their new single ‘Fiction’ which you can check out below:

The track is slow and subdued to start with as riffing guitars dance around the track with their infectious nature before brilliantly harmonious vocals are added over the top of them. Cymbals crash and drums thud through choruses that are quicker in tempo and much more aggressive in their delivery. Lyrically, this one is about figuring out the difference between the fantasties and realities of this particular person’s life/scenario. The pre-final chorus build up of fast, high pitched strums which switches to a chugging bass line before crashing back into one big hurrah of a chorus. An accomplished track and a great listen.

The band, who have recently signed to Domino PR, are slowly but steadily making a name for themselves in the pop punk and alternative scenes of the UK. They have a decent back catalogue behind them and have played at Wembley, toured with Royal Republic as well as appearing in Rocksound magazine and featuring on Kerrang Radio, BBC Radio and more.

Their brand new material was recently showcased for the first time on their tour with Scottish rock band Altered Sky. The tour which took them all around the UK was very well received and pushed the band and their sound out to an even bigger audience.

This new track should see the band converting more people to their cause which means 2016 should be a very good year for Everybody Looks Famous.

To find out more about Everybody Looks Famous visit their website, their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @evrybdylooksfms


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