This Week #25

Nothing better on a cold Saturday before Christmas than a lovely hot chocolate! / Me and the boyfriend made dark chocolate and banana bread over the weekend / The most delicious Mac ‘n’ Cheese I’ve had in a long time from Lucky Fox on Saturday / Had a lovely time at Peddler Market on Thursday evening!

As we edge ever nearer to Christmas, the paranoia of getting everything for the big day and the end of the year starts for me. For the first time, I’m juggling work, the blog and my social life alongside getting presents and the like. Luckily, I’ve pretty much finished present buying bar a few last minute gifts but still it’s a struggle to get used to. Nevertheless, I intend to work hard over the next week or so to finish all my work, all the blog articles for the rest of the year and finish present buying and wrapping in order to have a well deserved and much needed rest over Christmas and New Year.

Here are my 5 happy things for this week:

1) Buying presents! I love buying presents for people and though it can be a struggle at first once you really think about what they want and the character of them, it is easy to pick a great present. I like seeing people open their presents and liking them and I’d much rather give presents than receive them so I always enjoy present buying season.

2) Feeling much more confident in my work this week which I think has helped me a hell of a lot to enjoy the position and the work even more than I already was. This is a job I see as a very long term thing so to be so happy in my work already is awesome!

3) Finally getting some good news for me and my family after so much bad news and setbacks. It’s been a tought year in many ways but finally things are starting to turn out well, it’s only small things at the moment but they just make everything better and put you in a much better frame of mind to tackle the bad stuff that is still hanging around.

4) Finishing the working week on a good note and with all my work completed. Is there even a better feeling, work wise, than that?

5) Enjoying a really lovely evening at the latest Peddler Market with my boyfriend on Thursday night. They have moved sites to a bigger space and it is awesome in this new space. I had a lovely Bramble cocktail, a delicious hot chocolate that kept me toasty and a great mushroom grilled cheese sandwich. It really was such a great evening!

What I’ve Been Listening To:

Bloc Party – Helicopter

!!! – OOO

In case you missed it, you can check out this week’s tracks of the week #128

What I’ve Been Reading:

This brilliant article from Viv Groskop on The Pool all about why comparing yourself is actually a good thing and that it can push you to be a lot better.
– A great article by Lucy Sweet of The Pool all about why staying in at Christmas is better than going out. Something I completely agree with, I’m not a massive fan of going out during December for the cold and the sheer overpriced, crowded bar thing.


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