This Week #27

Instagram Collage 2015 Monopoly Food - New Year 2016 Owl Diary Mixtape Couture Logo Missy Elliott

Instagram Collage of my most popular pictures of 2015 / New Year’s Eve spent playing monopoly / First proper meal in days in a lovely pub just on the edge of Sheffield on New Year’s Day / New awesome diary for 2016 / New Year, New Start, New Mixtape Couture / Can’t stop listening to this track at the moment, it’s so good!

The first week back at work in January is always slightly confused and somewhat stressful and that is how it has been this week. I think I’ve coped well and got plenty done but I’ve had a few stressful moments this week that have really tested my skills. After one week back though, I think things should get a little bit easier from here as I start to settle into my working day routine again.

Christmas was a weird one this year, it was great to have some time off from work to relax and spend time with my mum and boyfriend but also it didn’t feel like Christmas and I was quite ill for the majority of the week and a half off that I had. For four days, after Christmas I barely ate and then the past week or so I’ve just felt so run down that it didn’t at all feel like I had a rest.

However, regardless of all of that, I’m still excited for this year and all the possibilities it will bring. I worked on the new site which you are now on over Christmas and I’m super happy with it and hopefully soon I’ll be getting back into some sort of schedule with blog posts. I’m also excited about my first full year of work and seeing what the next 12 months will bring within my role and how I can grow and develop in it. I think having a job now has made me even more determined to follow my dreams and achieve the things I’ve always wanted to in my life and I think this year is going to be a year where I really start on the road towards that.

I’m looking forward to you 2016, I’m hoping you will be bringing me plenty of love, happiness, success and a furthering of my dreams.

What I’ve Been Listening To:

Frances – Let It Go

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What I’ve Been Reading:


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