new music: Altar Flowers


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Today I’m bringing you some new music from Manchester alt/goth/pop band Altar Flowers. This track, ‘So Happy’, is their latest single and is due out this Spring.

This track is a calm yet haunting masterpiece with tinkling bells and deep, lethargy driven vocals. Majestic sounds are soon added from intermittent drum hits, flowing strings and plenty of infectious yet subdued melodies. It is a very different sound containing its happiness and its misery and forcing them to collide into a Cure-esque track. A good and intriguing track that leaves you wanting to hear more from these guys.

The song is the first one to be taken from the forthcoming debut album, ‘I.D.S.T’, due out in April. The band probably won’t be dropping anymore tracks until the release of that album but this is definitely a good enough single to see us through until then.

The band will be playing at The Black Heart in London on 4th February and they’ll be headlining their homecoming show at Manchester’s Night & Day on Saturday 6th February. Tickets are available from their website.

To find out more about Altar Flowers visit their website, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @AltarFlowers


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