tracks of the week #132

David Bowie – Lazarus

I heard this song last weekend, just days after Bowie’s death and it really struck a chord. The track is so difficult to listen to right now with its sheer poignancy and Bowie’s lyrics which are so obvuous now. It is a great track and currently it is difficult to hear those words in the track, and maybe it always will be, but great music that really means something to people seems to have that sort of affect on your emotions.

Wild Nothing – Shadow

A stunning track from a great act, this dreamy soundscape is the perfect track to lose yourself in and forget all the worries of the world to. The flowing notes, trippy melodies and breathy vocals make for an utterly wonderful song from start to finish and easily one of the best and most emotionally affecting tracks I’ve heard all year so far. Definitely check this one out!


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