Blog: Why I Chose To Move To WordPress

Old Mixtape Couture

I’d been thinking about moving my blog across to a more friendly, SEO ready and professional platform for a long time and when I started my job around 2 months ago now, working with social media and occasionally websites on a daily basis, I knew that I had to become even more serious about my blog if I wanted it to grow further. So, changing my hosting platform was now a definite need rather than a want but which platform should I go for?

At first I wanted to use Squarespace as this is the platform of choice for website building at work and the clean design and simple to get to grips with features really appealed to me. As much as I still love that platform, I didn’t think it was truly right when it came to moving across my older content. Though Squarespace is great for design and adding on media content, which is what I was after, moving across 5 years worth of posts would have, as I could see from online discussions, not taken across all the videos and soundcloud links I had embedded within them. This was a major issue for me as I didn’t have the time to replace everything in every post I’d written but I also didn’t want to only transfer my recent content and not the older posts across.

Mixtape Couture Website Current

With that in mind I turned to WordPress, I’ve always found WordPress difficult to use but after a couple of years of dabbling in and out of it and watching/reading plenty of online tutorials, I think I’ve finally started to get the hang of it. Signing up through hosting site Bluehost and for the first time ever pouring money into the actual look, design and general hosting of my blog gave me a renewed love of my blog, giving myself the freedom and professionalism I craved. All in all, what WordPress offered made this one of the best decisions I’ve made.

For me, WordPress was the clear winner for the ease of transferring content across, the protection I had alongside my web hosting service and just what I could do with my blog now that it was on WordPress and not Blogger. The design is not 100% perfect for me at the moment and tweeks do need to be made over the coming months but right now I am a lot happier with my blog than I have been in a long time.

I’ll go through the process of changing my blog across from Blogger to WordPress soon for those interested on how I found it but for now I’ll leave it here. As much as I love Squarespace as a platform, WordPress is the right choice for me and my blog right now. Blogger was great to me for such a long time but like everything in life it was time to move on to bigger and better things.


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