new music: Altar Flowers – Almost Endless

Earlier this year, I featured Manchester goth alt-pop band Altar Flowers and their first single taken from their upcoming album ‘I.D.S.T’ which is due out in April. Now I’m bringing you their second single which you can check out below:

The track is called ‘Almost Endless’ and it is  a great, synthy, alternative track from the off with a wonderful 80’s edge that reminds you of all those bands that had a bit of noir running throughout them. Again, the band have managed to produce the perfect mix of retro sounds and current themes making for a track that really will capture your attention. Calm verses with breathy vocals juxtapose wonderfully with a huge chorus that features guitar riffs, tinkling synths and a great rhythm coming from the drum beat. A very good second single.

This is another great indication of what to expect from the band over the coming months when their album is released, so make sure you keep an eye and ear out for that one!

To find out more about Altar Flowers visit their website, their Facebook page, their Bandcamp page or you can follow them on Twitter – @AltarFlowers

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