new music: Fizzy Blood & CPWM

Leeds five piece Fizzy Blood were featured on my blog towards the end of last year, after the release of their new single. Now the band are back with a split single created with Officers as part of Leeds record label CPWM’s series of split 7″ singles to be released throughout the year.

The track is entitled ‘Sweat and Sulphur’ and it is a slow, almost threatening build up into this one. Guitar notes dance around hushed vocals before it all crashes in with thrashing drum beats, cymbal crashes and huge guitar riffs. A great bass line punctuates the melodies and chaotic rhythms throughout the verses giving the vocals their room to shine and capture your imagination with their harsh and commanding tone. It’s a short but very sweet track and this is sure to be a hit with many.

This new single release is the second in the singles club series by CPWM and the label are aiming to showcase the most exciting artists in the Leeds City region. The first release was back in November 2015 featuring Harkin and Cinerama.

This track shows the more rock and roll and grungey side of the city and the band have described the track as; “It was born out of a combination of classic ‘hangover angst’ and listening to a lot of Phil Spector records that are loud and unforgiving but also have a lot of warm natural echo. There’s something really beautiful and distinct about that juxtaposition and I think we tried to capture and put our own spin on that.”

It is a great single and a great idea for showcasing much more of the Leeds music scene, you can pre-order this new single as well as purchase the previous single through Come Play With Me’s PledgeMusic page.

Find out more about Come Play With Me via their website. You can find out more about Fizzy Blood on their website or you can follow them on Twitter – @FIZZYBLOODMUSIC


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