new music: Jolé

Today, I’m brining you some new music from Brighton singer-songwriter Jolé, a.k.a Josh Oliver, whose tracks have gained descriptions ranging from luscious to luxurious over the years. You can check out his brand new song ‘Nothing Has Changed’ below:

The track is a soft, lilting wonder from the off with flowing acoustic guitar chords that dance around the track and the vocals. Those vocals are soft and harmonious, holding the track together but also soaring in moments as they try to become something more. There is a great relaxed atmopshere to this but there is also a feeling of sadness just tinging the very edges of the music. The track picks up towards the end, filling with joyous sounds and become this huge wall of happiness and hope ending the song on a wonderful note.

Here is what Jolé has to say about his latest track; “I began writing the EP when I was just coming out of a band and I was at a bit of a loose end with everything, wondering what to do as I had been writing and gigging with 3 other guys for 5 years. I wrote the songs a lot about anxieties I had with what to do with my life and in particular ‘Nothing Has Changed’ is written about a fantasy of having absolutely nothing to think about and detaching yourself from everyday life.”

After moving to Brighton 5 years ago to study music, this guy took a while to find his feet as a solo artist dabbling in writing for film and TV before settling fully on music. Taking influnences from the likes of Ben Howard and John Lennon, Jolé loves to create heartfelt tracks with soft music from beautiful acoustic and soft piano notes.

With an EP on the horizon it is going to be an exciting year for this guy musically. At the end of March, he is off travelling for a whole year with a mission to play wherever he may be in the world using social media as a tool to offer up his musical services and perform to anyone who will listen to him. It seems like it will be a great 2016 for the young man whatever happens.

Find out more about Jolé and keep up with his travels through his Facebook page, his Instagram page or you can follow him on Twitter – @Jolemusic


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