This Week #31

A couple of weekend’s ago may have been Valentine’s weekend and with all the pressure to do something amazing put on all couples, it was nice to just relax and spend some quality time with my boyfriend, doing nothing special other than enjoying each other’s company.

On Friday night, I met him after work and we went for a few drinks before heading home and eating some lovely food while watching The Last Leg. Saturday night, we went out for the meal we’d planned a couple of weeks ago, instead of spending tons of money we used the vouchers we got for Christmas to treat ourselves which was more than deserved before drinks and dancing. On Sunday, we went to Graves Park for a walk and to visit the farm which I’ve not been to since I was a child. I got to see the pigs and an owl so I was more than happy. Finishing off the weekend with sausage sandwiches for tea and watching the BAFTA’s coverage made for a pretty perfect weekend!


Gin Cocktail Toast Valentines

IMG_6360 Vegetarian Breakfast Hepworth Deli Leeds

I had a beautiful Gin and Prosecco Cocktail from Carluccio’s on Saturday night / Romance is your boyfriend trying to impress you with heart shaped toast on Valentine’s morning because we’ve ran out of eggs and we can’t have pancakes / Idiots at The Bath Hotel a couple of weeks ago / One of the best vegetarian breakfasts I’ve ever eaten from Hepworth’s Deli in Leeds last weekend.


Last weekend was another busy one with a super long Saturday which included a hairdresser’s appointment for a much needed haircut and seeing Foals in Leeds. It was awesome to chill out a little and enjoy myself at a gig especially as I haven’t been to any gigs in such a long time! Foals were amazing! As to be expected really, they are always amazing live and they have managed to transition into the live setting very well.

This week has been a busy one with long days and plenty of work and quite frankly I can’t even remember most of what’s happened. I’ve also been quite ill over the past few days with lack of sleep etc so with that in mind, posting on here may be sparse over the next week or so as I have a lot on to juggle and blogging, though important, is right now the least important thing so although I’ll try and keep this up as much as possible for the rest of this month, I really can’t promise anything at all.

My 10 happy things from this week:

  1. After work drinks last Friday with my boyfriend after his first week of work.
  2. The lovely meal and drinks me and my boyfriend had on Saturday night for our mini Valentine’s celebration.
  3. Visiting the pigs and seeing an owl on Sunday for our Valentine’s Day which was fun but cold especially when it started snowing!
  4. Raiding Sainsbury’s on Sunday afternoon for something nice for lunch and stumbling upon a delicious treat.
  5. The presents of a litre of Hendrick’s Gin and a kilogram of Nutella that my boyfriend got me this weekend. I think he’s trying to get me very drunk and very fat!
  6. Seeing Foals again at the weekend who as usual were amazing!
  7. Finding some nice bars in Leeds to have some lovely drinks in, specifically involving gin.
  8. Enjoying a lovely and one of the most delicious breakfasts I’ve had in a long time in Leeds on Sunday morning at Hepworth Deli.
  9. Being on my own at work all week and somehow managing to hold it all together and not massively mess up.
  10. Great programmes starting back on TV recently meaning it’s time for the great shows in Spring to all start making an appearance soon.

What I’ve Been Listening To:

In case you missed it, you can check out last week’s tracks of the week #136

What I’ve Been Reading:


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