new music: Solemn Sun

Today, I’m bringing you some new music from Cheltenham four piece Solemn Sun. The quiet and somewhat mysterious band have never really given too much away about what they are up to but recently they have released their new single ‘Bloom’, which you can check out below:

The track builds perfectly from short, lilting guitar strums to include the harmonious and gentle vocals that litter this one. Even though the track is quiet and sparse, there is still plenty of melody on offer here from the guitar chords the ebb and flow perfectly to the drum beats which create a calming, steady rhythm. This is a brooding track full of deep, somewhat distorted notes and plenty of emotion created through an impending sense of sadness running throughout. Nevertheless, this is a great song from a very promising band.

With critical acclaim and a great response to 2014’s self-titled EP, the band have gone on to create beautiful music that will surely play on your emotions. The time between the first release and this new single was also given over to touring relentlessly around the UK, building up a good, strong fanbase for these guys.

Having recently finished a tour supporting Crooks around the UK, it’s all eyes on the band to see what is next to come from their camp and I bet we’re all hoping for some more new music like this track.

To find out more about Solemn Sun visit their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @SOLEMNSUN


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